Graphical key bindings !


A functional AI !


That's some kind of a jump in version numbers here, justified by the almost-playable state of the game right now.
Here is the changelog :

utf8 characters management ?
Jump animations
... :)


Snapshot of revision 87 :)

New animation handling

That's the first task I worked on after 0.1 was released. Back then, animations used to have a fixed origin point (bottom left of each frame), which made lots of characters' positions impossible. (Eg. : If a character puts an arm left, his arm will become his left origin and his body will move right as a consequence).
Now, each frame both have a content box, containing all the pixels data to be shown on screen, and a body box, only containing the body of the character, thus, the animation is fixed bottom left of the body box, and the overall image isn't fixed anymore (if a character puts an arm left, the arm will go left and the body won't move, as expected).

New attacks handling

Along with the new animations format, I also added more flexibility to attacks handling, one can now specify precise hit boxes for characters attacks, at a given time and of a given strenght (hit strength is multiplied by character's strength). Thus, a single attack can damage multiple times, at two different points, ...
Configuration for attacks & animations is done in data/gfx/characters/[name]/data.xml.

New physics

The physics engine was completely redesigned due to a conception issue : it was manipulating graphics coordinates, which allows any kind of evil (!) collision. The system is now reversed: physics objects have independant coords that only them can modify, graphics just match them. As a consequence, physics should be perfectly reliable now (at least I wasn't able to cause any unwanted collision). Also, physics object can now change their width & height safely (try to jump on takino ;)).
That's it for physics. Oh ! And you can enable the "debug" mode in the options screen to see boxes yourself :).
p.s: Characters' physics boxes are characters' body boxes. (see "New animation handling").

New GUI / option screen

I improved the GUI system and added new widgets. These new widgets are used in a new "options" screen, where you can edit the configuration in game (currently, only resolution and debug mode can be configured that way). There is still work to do although (Help is welcome ! ;)) : Better widgets graphics, spinner, in game players keys cfg...

Graphics ! - Title screen background / New hikou

This snapshot features a new Hikou (pretty Hikou :3), you can see him in the banner above (pretty banner ;)).
You can find mypaint and synfing animation files on the download repository (link to come). Also, a title screen has been added ! It's a nod to a well-know anime, the first one who writes its name in the forums wins a free beer ;).
I'll now try to draw walking, kicking, walk-kick and walk-punch animations for Hikou, and redraw Takino as well. Anyway, graphics really are a sensible part of Hikou no mizu (It's the kind of project which needs lots of graphics), so, if you like anime drawing, I'll really appreciate any (even small) help :).

Last but not least


All the core modules are implemented and cleaned up in 0.1, the first versioned release. 0.1 announces the ~end of the development for the base of the game, allowing to start adding new features & real gameplay to it :)
Some new features were added anyway !

Changelog :

Revision 6

This is the 6th release of Hikou no mizu.

Changelog :

Feel free to edit the configuration, create new characters, arenas, menus... by editing cfg/xml files ;-).

Revision 5

This is the fifth release of Hikou no mizu :-).
It includes lots of new features compared to the fourth release (+1200 code lines), especially about the game structure :

It is also noticeable that this release uses actual last revision of SFML 2.
In this revision, the ATI bug was fixed :-), Thanks Laurent :-)

Revision 4

This is the fourth release of Hikou no mizu, it includes lots of new features :