Hikou no mizu 0.9.2

Packaging status

Hikou no mizu 0.9.2 is the latest available stable release.

Installation Instructions

Hikou no mizu can be installed in GNU/Linux, *BSD, Haiku, OS X, and (untested) Windows systems.
Packages are available to ease installation on some systems. If not, the game can be compiled from source using CMake.


Hikou no mizu 0.9.2 is available on the Arch User Repository (AUR) for users of Archlinux-based Linux distributions, such as Archlinux itself or Manjaro:

As such, it can be installed using a simple command such as:

# yay -S hikounomizu


For many other desktop Linux distributions, a flatpak package allows to easily install Hikou no mizu 0.9.2, following the instructions in:

Flatpak provides a convenient way to distribute the game to many Linux distributions.
However, if you would rather not use it, the game can be compiled from source.


A package for Hikou no mizu is available in the HaikuDepot.
This means it can be easily installed from the command line or from the graphical HaikuDepot package installer which comes with Haiku!


Compiling Hikou no mizu 0.9.2 from source is required to install it on *BSD systems, as well as OS X, and (untested) Windows.
Hikou no mizu uses CMake as a build system, which will assist you in the build process. It will especially report any missing dependency.

The sources of Hikou no mizu 0.9.2 can be downloaded here. This is the version which ships pre-built data, so that you do not need to regenerate framesheets from vectorized animation files, among others. Otherwise, the version with non-built data sources is available here.