Game servers

Several game servers are hosted at for networked games:

The servers are hosted in Norway, to get an idea of the ping you may expect.
Of course, you may also join other servers or even host your own!

Interactive development blog

While the present website is updated periodically to describe each key updates of Hikou no mizu, it lacks interactivity and the potential to share smaller, daily development and art updates. To make up for it, we use several external platforms to support community and interaction in various aspects.

Hikou no mizu has an official Mastodon logo Mastodon account.

Mastodon is a decentralized micro-blogging platform which belongs in the fediverse. The @hikounomizu account is used to share development progress and the stories that happen along the way as in an interactive blog. It is hosted on the instance, which is a community of Free, Libre, and Open Source Software projects and enthusiasts. Yet, you can join the community and interact with @hikounomizu using your account, regardless of its host instance!

At the moment, updates on the progress of networked multiplayer for Hikou no mizu are being posted regularly.
Upon release of networked multiplayer, the plan is to setup another channel of community discussion, to be able to chat and schedule networked games in real time!

Bug report

As described in the development page, Hikou no mizu uses gitlab as a platform to host its code and dev repository.

It also comes with an Gitlab logo Issue tracker to report bugs you may come across, so feel free to use it if you encounter an issue!